Driving Lessons in Bucharest

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Refresher driving lessons

Get behind-the-wheel training in Bucharest Romania with our patient, professional instructors! Learn driving skills and prepare for the driving test.

Learn to drive for the first time, improve your driving skills, or gain confidence driving in tricky situations with driving lessons.

Our professional, patient driving instructors offer driving lessons for teens, adults, and mature drivers in Bucharest Romania.

Our drivers training covers everything you need to know to ace the driving test and become a safe, confident driver. 

Our certified professional driving instructors will help you master the basics, learn defensive driving techniques, and prepare for the driving test.

Learn to drive with an experienced driving instructor from a licensed school like ours! Our teen behind-the-wheel training covers everything on the driving test and all the situations you'll encounter on the road. Get one-on-one driving lessons tailored to your learning style.

Our in-car driving lessons cover everything on the driving test and more. Whether you're new to driving or just looking to improve your driving skills, we'll help you get safely and confidently behind the wheel!

  • Learn to drive from professional, patient, friendly driving instructors
  • Get free pickup and drop-off for your lesson in a convenient location

We'll train you in everything from basic to complex maneuvers. You'll learn the latest defensive driving techniques, valuable tips for vehicle control, and more.

In-car drivers training is a great idea even if you already know how to drive. Learn to master difficult road situations and get comfortable driving downtown, on the highway, or anywhere you want to go!

Minimum age for beginning the driving school is 17 years and 9 months, after you get 18 years old you can take the driving exam.

Driving Lessons Course includes:

  • 30 practice hours/15 driving lessons
  • 1 week theory course
  • Exam routes
  • Flexible schedule/Afternoon availability
  • English speaking instructor

Price: 2 000 lei, VAT included

*Practice hours are composed of 45 minutes each. Every lessons are made by 2 practice hours wich are equivalent of 1.5 hours in total time frame/lesson.

**extra driving lessons: 150 lei/lesson, VAT included.

***Car charge for practical exam: 250 Lei, VAT included.

****Refresher driving lessons: 200 lei/lesson, VAT included (Refresher driving lessons are similar to normal lessons, without the pressure of a practical test at the end. However, your instructor is there less to coach you and more to offer help and advice when you need it. After all, you've passed your test, so the rest is just gaining experience and confidence).

Driving licence exam file will be composed of: 

  • Residency Card copy/ID
  • Psychological exam stating “Apt psihologic pentru categoria B”
  • Medical exam stating “Apt conducatori auto”
  • Criminal record stating “EXAMEN AUTO” – from any police station
  • Payment proof for driving license tax: 89 LEI ( at any Postal Office )

1. Theory exam is composed of 26 questions, minimum 22 correct answers in order to pass the exam.

official D.R.P.C.I.V. theory questions in English language:

A. http://www.driverlicense.ro/

You have here all the 1000 theory questions in english language, you have to register first in order to have access.


B. https://www.drpciv-teste.ro/ 

-Select “Alege categoria B”

-Select Limba “English” 

-Select “2. Chestionare cu indicii si explicatii”

C. The Traffic Legislation Theory Book in English language you can online buy from:


2. Practical driving exam is represented by 30 minutes of trafic driving close watched by a traffic policeman, maximum of 21 penalty poins are allowed in order to pass the exam. 

Schedule your driving lessons in Bucharest Romania with us today and Start your behind-the-wheel training!

For more information or for book a lesson please contact +40724.227.034 / office@scoala-soferi-bucuresti.ro